The Riva 76′ Bahamas Super is the Greatest Open Boat for Exploring the West Mediterranean for These Three Reasons

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Building on the popular platform of her predecessor, the Riva 76′ Bahamas Super offers a dramatic makeover, cutting-edge features, and more storage options. She was created in 2022 as a consequence of an effort by the Officina Italiana Design, under the direction of Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, and the Ferretti Group’s Strategic Product Committee, headed by Piero Ferrari. This 23.2-meter type, which was developed on the 76′ Perseo Super naval platform, combines the elegance of an open yacht with the practicality of a coupe, delivering an excellent balance of power, comfort, and functionality. As a result, she is highly sought-after by both discerning yacht owners and charterers. We offer three reasons why you ought to give her a thought for your summertime Mediterranean cruising demands. She’s the perfect option for discovering the gorgeous coastlines of the French and Italian Rivieras.

Famous Riva Design

The design of the Riva 76′ Bahamas Super skillfully combines traditional grace with modern brilliance. Her aerodynamic profile and streamlined lines go well with the distinctive “Shark Grey” hull’s striking black highlights. With a bold style, this not only amplifies her allure from a visual standpoint but also represents the classic elegance for which Riva Yachts is renowned. Beautiful views of the sea are afforded by the vast, uninterrupted glass panels along the hull, which also let an abundance of natural light flood the interiors, making them seem airy and cheerful. The spacious sunpads and the thoughtfully built cockpit are just two of the outside features that guarantee owners and guests can unwind and mingle while leisurely exploring stunning coastlines.

Novel Qualities

At its core, the Riva 76′ Bahamas Super is innovation. Her revolutionary C-TOP carbon-fiber hardtop, which can change her from an open sport boat to a coupe with the push of a button, is one of her most distinctive characteristics. This capability, which is specific to open yachts, enables owners to easily adjust to changing weather conditions, offering comfort and convenience wherever she goes. She also has the newest technology, such as a SIMRAD COMMAND helm station with integrated navigation and control systems and an innovative Xenta electro-hydraulic steer-by-wire system for accurate handling. Other cutting-edge technological features like touchscreen displays and home automation solutions are part of the restyled Riva 76′ Bahamas Super, which improves the onboard experience and makes her as cosy and inviting as she is thrilling.

Versatility and Function

Because of her practical and adaptable design, the Riva 76′ Bahamas Super is an ideal vessel for the diverse cruising circumstances found in the West Mediterranean. Ideal for outdoor dining, the roomy cockpit includes a wide dining space with a teak table and a U-shaped sofa. Easy access to comfort features is ensured with built-in panels on the sunpad area that control the lighting, music, and other amenities. She has an opulent three-cabin configuration below deck, comprising a VIP cabin, a twin guest cabin and a full-beam master suite with an ensuite bathroom. Every cabin has been carefully constructed to give visitors the most comfort and solitude possible. She is ideal for both relaxing cruises and exciting excursions because to her spacious stern garage, which can hold a Williams tender and water toys.

Therefore, the Riva 76′ Bahamas Super offers an unparalleled experience whether you’re sailing along the sun-kissed coastlines of the French Riviera or discovering the quaint Portuguese ports of Italy.