Understanding the Negative Side Effects of CBD For Dogs

What is best cbd oil for dogs? Can it help treat my dog with seizures? Can it ease some of his pain? The answer to those questions is “yes.” In recent years, many people have asked what CBD oil for dogs is, and the answer is more frequently “CBD for dogs.” There are two main reasons why this compound is being sought after as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

First, CBD is believed to be very effective in controlling seizures in epileptic children and people with other seizure disorders. For dogs that suffer from epilepsy, CBD is believed to slow down the progression of the disease, and reduce the number of seizures the dog has. However, Dr. Klein emphasizes that in most instances, the CBD does not contain THC, the substance that gives marijuana its calming, euphoric properties.

Second, many people who care for their pets want to give them a “high,” but do not want to subject their dog to the negative side effects of taking prescription medications. CBD is an herbal extract, which means it has no chemical side effects. Some people worry about the effect CBD may have on their pet’s liver, but CBD is considered to be “non-carcinogenic,” meaning it does not damage the liver like the more common synthetic prescription drugs do. Furthermore, the CBD is not considered addictive, which makes it a better choice for dogs that can become habituated to their daily dose of medication. When choosing which CBD for dogs product to use, be sure to choose one that does not have unnecessary dyes, perfumes, or chemicals; some companies even add vitamins, minerals, or other nutritional supplements to the product to enhance its effectiveness.

Third, some dogs with anxiety disorders suffer from a form of depression-related syndrome known as canine Depression Syndrome (CDBS). While CBD may be helpful in reducing symptoms of anxiety, studies have shown that CBD may actually cause the depression to become worse, which may lead to worsened symptoms and, ultimately, even more serious conditions such as suicide. Be sure to choose a product that contains CBD only in the absolute lowest percentage possible, and always consult your vet to make sure your pet is getting the recommended dose of medicine. If you notice any strange behavior or unusual changes in your pet’s attitude or demeanor, call your vet immediately for further evaluation and treatment options.

Fourth, like many prescription medications, CBD for dogs may cause uncomfortable or unpleasant side effects in pets with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Common side effects include diarrhea, vomiting, and mild fever. Ingestion of this oil could also lead to death in extreme cases and should be avoided at all costs by those with special health concerns. Luckily, there are now many different CBD for dogs products on the market, which are safe and effective.

Finally, because it has been reported that the ingestion of CBD for dogs can lead to seizures, it should be considered extremely important that you keep any and all prescription medications in the locked cabinet and out of reach of any and young children. While many other prescription medications, including some over the counter medications, are known to cause significant negative side effects in pets, the effects of CBD for dogs are actually quite mild at best. Also, there is much research into its potential benefits as a natural healing remedy and pain relief, so the negatives should not discourage you from giving it a try in your dog.

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